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Luchy López walks along with people who are committed to experience life in a more conscious way. Her training has three core axis: contemplative psychology, expression trhough dance and integrating the consciousness into the body.

Luchy´s awareness started when she was able to go beyond a cancer developed when she was 27. At that moment allopathic medicine was offering a very aggressive treatment. She decided to look for another healing path which drove her to entering more and more in a field that was full of vitality and sensibility. The outcome was not only the disappearance of the cancer but a twin pregnancy that added two daughters to the one she had already. From this very moment, her passion over the past 20 years has been to deep through meditation until reachig the essence of what has led her to a healthy state of living. At the same time she has build up a way to share this finding with other people in order to generate more pleasure, abundance and stillness in life.

Luchy has been working with groups and in individual sessions for 25 years. She has continuously introduced in her work what she first conquer in herself, allowing a natural entanglement between her interests, purposes and professional activity. She promotes an embracing vision that does not dismiss any manifested detail. She practices in her daily life all the values she promotes in her workshops. It is this attitude of coherence what she suggests to explore to the ones who come to meet her work.

In the last years her personal and professional development have reached a great simplicity of foundations, wich are shared through different ways of accompaniment and exploration. The mix of them is called FlowDynamic.

“No necesito amigos cómplices de mi necedad sino comprometidos con mi voluntad de Ser.”

Contact: | +34 630 128 900

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